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Our Company

CASE technologies was founded in 1994, with the merging of two established engineering companies.
Since then we have continuously developed our skills in designing logistic systems.

With engagements in the design and realization of several Baggage Handling Systems and Logistic Systems all over the world, we are now a team of international experts with more than 25 years of experience in logistical processes.

Our strength lies in airport logistics, with special emphasis on Baggage Handling Systems. We have provided consultancy services at green field airports, including renewal, modernization and upgrading projects.

All have provided unique challenges. Our experience and knowledge is now harnessed and offered to airport clients to support particular logistics tasks and requirements.

Whilst doing so, we also act independently of any supplier. Together with our proven track record, we are able to provide highly creditable and unbiased technical, economical and operational solutions that can meet our clients exacting demands.

Our Services

In contrast to consultants committed to a supplier, we are able to provide independent and unbiased solutions. Our solutions are influenced by detailed investigation into the clients exacting needs rather than a sales driven motive.

Our investigative process emphasizes on identifying and describing the core problems. We believe that a well-conceived understanding of the problem is a critical prerequisite in reaching good solutions.

It alludes to cost effective value-engineering and ensures that solutions are not over or under provided. With our expertise, we are able to define and review solutions from all operational viewpoints; Airlines, Check-in staff, Security management, BHS operations, Maintenance, Make-up and Ground operations, including even the convenience of passengers.

System Design

Consulting in our opinion is more than producing reports and giving pre-conceived recommendations.

Our solution results from thorough investigation of a broad range of elements. It ensures that tender specifications prepared by us are well detailed and tailored to fit exacting requirements. CASE technologies is able to design baggage and logistic systems that considers a comprehensive range of user needs.

Hold Baggage Screening

Baggage screening is today amongst the most significant tasks at airports. Whilst HBS is a natural consideration in planning new green field terminals, the retrofitting of inline HBS in an existing and operational terminal building environment is an exceptionally intricate and challenging task.


CASE technologies has inline baggage screening experience since 1997. We know that inline baggage screening is more than adding screening machines equipment into a baggage system. Installing HBS starts with comprehensive design and engineering tasks. Existing operational parameters need to be reconciled with updated elements. In addition, future trends are also addressed to safeguard the compatibility of the HBS to accommodate anticipated changes. Together a resilient security concept is conceived.

Modernization and Enlargement

Technical demands and user requirements are constantly changing. Existing systems regularly need upgrades, modernizations or even fundamental renewal.

Most significantly in an airport environment, these modifications must occur without interruption to the airports normal operation. Our special strength lies in our capability to modify, enlarge and upgrade existing operational airports.

Project Management

To complete our services we also provide comprehensive project management support. As a matter of course we are also able to lead the project or support our clients in driving it towards a successful project close.

Starting with the project definition in close consultation with our clients, we can proceed to deliver comprehensive project management support until the final acceptance of the project. They include specification and contract preparation, technical and economical reviews of the suppliers' bids and support with contract negotiations.

Finally, we review all technical and commercial parameters with the supplier to certify final acceptance to complete the project. We provide start-to-end services for airport and logistic projects.

Our clients appreciate our comprehensive project management services.

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